Digital Marketing: Adding Blogs To The Marketing Mix

Blogging as a Marketing Tool | Is Blogging Effective for Marketing Is Blogging Effective for Marketing

Digital Marketing: Adding Blogs To The Marketing Mix

Most businesses of today know enough about the market to realize that having a website, which attracts and grows traffic is an essential part of any marketing mix. It has become a pillar in the four “P’s”: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.

But in order to generate and maintain significant traffic you need to stimulate interest and maintain it at a high level. This is accomplished by attaching a blog section to the website and contributing articles on an ongoing basis.

Good writing skills, subject matter knowledge, research of new ideas and concepts all play an important role. Whether there is an ability to produce blogs in-house or to farm them out to experts in the field is a choice that should be made early. The purpose of the blog is to provide the criteria required for an interesting and memorable read.


Blogging as a Marketing Tool | Is Blogging Effective for Marketing

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

How To Get Customers To Your Website


Grab their attention quickly – this starts with the heading of the blog. Play with it until you feel that it will grab the reader’s attention. Test this out internally on a colleague. Keep in mind that the title is the first opportunity to grab and hold the attention of your readers.
Longer titles have the advantage of more detail about your post but this must be kept to a maximum of 8 to 10 words.

Use short, clear sentences – Readers are busy people and will not spend hours deciphering complex terminology or wade through large blocks of text without punctuations. Start a new paragraph after a few sentences and limit it to 250 words or less. If you cannot properly explain the subject matter in less than 700 words, then split the blog into multiple parts and issue them separately.

Stretch the text – You want to make your blog easily scannable by the reader. The use of subtitles, numbering, and ample spaces between text serve that purpose. This allows the reader to take mental breaks and absorb the content. It also provides a contrast to advertising banners and pop ups that may distract them.
Stay current on the subject matter – Nobody likes to read stale articles that are simply reworked copies of old information. Blogs should advance the knowledge of the readers. Do the research by reading newspapers, and searching the web for new material. For example, if you have a blog about business communication then subscribe to Google News Alerts with keywords related to your subject matter.

Express your personal opinion – Otherwise you will be producing potboilers that are not providing enough reason for people to choose your article over others. Be as accurate as you can, and be prepared to support the facts. Misinformation spreads rapidly online.
Do not let it begin with you.

Stay focused on the theme – Once you have decided on the the theme of your blog, stay diligently on theme. A blog about the banking should not deviate to the latest innovations in alternative energy. Such jumps will only confuse your reader and serve to undermine your online authority.

Keywords are the path to digital marketing success – This enhances and grows the search engine ranking of the blogs. The goal is to be listed on the first page of Google and other search engines for a particular key word like “business restructuring consultants”, for example.
Controlling key words, which apply to your products or/and services is what posting blogs is all about. Linking them to other prominent sites, and then back linking them to your site organically grows more traffic.


Is Blogging Effective for Marketing


Commit to regular output of blogs – Stick to a schedule that is reasonable for the blog writer and stick to it. Post as frequently as you can, at least one to two blogs per week if you want to attract new readers and grow traffic.
If you neglect to blog for a few weeks your audience will move on to another site and may not return. This is a very fickle field where attention spans are short and impatience is strong. Maintaining an informative blog that people want to read requires hard work and good writing skills.
Assess your blogging impact – If you are not attracting traffic to your website the cause could simply be that the blogs are lacking in the necessary quality and content to attract an audience.
There are many online specialists that can help you improve the writing, edit your content, or totally manage your digital marketing at a reasonable cost.

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